What is Voice Dialogue?

In the late 1970's psychotherapists, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, created and developed a therapeutic tool which they called Voice Dialogue. Integral to this ground breaking work is the understanding that the personality is composed of a myriad of different parts or "selves".

We can get a glimpse of this especially when trying to make a decision, e.g. whether to go travelling or not. One part of us may feel very adventurous and dare devil and would like to wander the world. However, there may be another part of oneself that is a bit cautious, more home loving and may not want to go at all!

Some of our selves rule the roost and tend to take centre stage (Primary selves). These include selves such as The Pusher (which constantly pushes us to achieve), The People Pleaser (which has to be nice to people all the time), and The Inner Critic (which reprimands us for any mistakes we make). However, for every self there is its opposite. If we identify too much with any of our primary selves we risk becoming limited and imbalanced in our lives, relegating into the shadows other equally important selves e.g. a lazier, more laid back self, or a more self-centred self.

Voice Dialogue provides us with a safe space in which to access these different selves and to allow them free expression. We literally get to listen to our selves as they reveal themselves to us.