What happens in a homeopathy session?

The first session usually takes 2 hours as a detailed case is taken, where the patient is asked not only about their physical symptoms but also about their general life style, their food likes and dislikes, how they respond to different weather conditions, their hobbies, and if they have any conflicts or stresses in their lives.

The homeopath is trying to build up a complete picture of that person and how they function in the world. People often find that the case taking itself is a very healing process for them.

homeopathic remedies

The next stage is to find the most suitable remedy based upon all of this information. I am essentially a Classical Homeopath which means that I usually prescribe one remedy at a time based upon the totality of symptoms.

Sometimes patients need only one remedy and a short period of treatment. However, it is also common for people to require a series of remedies over a longer period.

The person leaves the session with a remedy or it is posted to them soon afterwards and they are invited back for a follow up session, usually after a month or 6 weeks. The number of sessions required will depend upon the severity and duration of the illness. Follow up sessions are shorter, typically an hour.

Please contact me regarding fees. 

Consultations can also be conducted via skype if you do not live locally.