Vaccines and the Main Stream Media

On Radio 4 and the BBC1 news last night (Monday 25th March) there were news items about the rise of measles in the UK population, how this was due to a lower uptake of the MMR vaccine, how "anti-vaxxers" were spreading false information on the internet and that social media giants are now being requested to crack down on this in the same way that they are attempting to silence promoters of self harm, suicide and terrorism.

I am continually amazed at how prejudiced both the BBC, our newspapers and main stream media in general are on the topic of vaccination. They invariably only ever present one side of the debate. In fact there is rarely any real debate about this issue; they give air time to those who wish to promote vaccination and it is implied that anyone who has another view is anti-science, deeply suspect and a danger to the health of our children.

On BBC1 television news there was an interview with a woman who had been harmed by contracting measles in her childhood and how this had affected her long term health. How is it they did not present even one case of a child or individual who had been badly affected by the MMR vaccine as a counter balance. The agenda seems to be to inject fear into the population about this "killer" disease of measles (an infection that many of us had in my generation without suffering any harmful consequences). They accuse people who are cautious about vaccination of distorting the truth. However, they continue to present vaccines as completely safe and that anyone would be mad not to vaccinate their child. The truth is that it is accepted by the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture vaccines that  vaccines are not 100 per cent safe. They know and accept that a proportion of individuals will have adverse reactions. Millions of pounds and dollars have been awarded to those who have been harmed by vaccines. So, how is it that main stream media commentators continue to confidently state that vaccines are perfectly safe?

I am perturbed by the lack of true journalism around this issue. Main stream media continues to push and promote the party line and anyone who tries to give another view is treated with distain and ridicule.

People do not generally know that the pharmaceutical companies place vaccines and drugs in totally different categories. The research and safety procedures for vaccines are not as stringent as are those for pharmaceutical drugs. Also nowadays multiple vaccines are given at one time and no research has been done on the long term safety of such procedures. We are literally experimenting on our children.

As a homeopath of 30 years' experience I have treated many children who have experienced harmful side effects as a direct consequence of vaccinations, especially the MMR, and feel that parents should be granted total freedom as to whether they wish to vaccinate or not vaccinate their children as they see fit.

For those of you who wish to hear an alternative view on vaccines, have a look at Andrew Wakefield's film VaXXed, a heart breaking and shocking expose of the Centre for Disease Control in the US, how they criminally massaged the data they had collected to cover up the link between MMR and Autism. It is a very powerful film and I commend Andrew Wakefield (a man who has been and continues to be badly maligned by the media) for his courage and commitment in producing such a powerful film.