The Three Principles

I went to a beautiful talk at the weekend arranged by the South West Homeopathic group. The speaker was a man named Ian Watson who had been a homeopath and was always searching for tools and ways to help both himself and his patients to heal more deeply. When he encountered The Three Principles he said that this was the missing piece and that everything slotted into place henceforth. His practice of homeopathy fell away and he has devoted himself to sharing the message of the Three Principles bringing it into businesses, schools and prisons.

For the first part of the talk Ian talked about how The Three Principles had come about. The Principles were the creation or discovery to be more accurate of a man called Sydney Banks. He was an ordinary man, a welder by trade, in his forties, a bit introverted and insecure in himself which he always attributed to his experience as an adopted child. One day he had a blinding, radical insight that the only reason he always felt insecure was that he thought he was insecure, that it had nothing to do with his past and that he was constantly recreating this thought, thereby keeping the feeling and the "story" alive and kicking. This insight rapidly removed his feelings of insecurity. He then realised that all his feelings were created in exactly the same way, via thought in the moment being brought to life by consciousness, and that this was true for everyone.

From what I understand from the second part of the talk, which affected me perhaps more deeply, was that none of us are irredeemably damaged or broken, that we all have within us an innate state of well-beingness and wisdom, only this has been obscured by our thinking. Thus we can respectfully perceive the other, not as damaged or broken, but as whole and complete. This in turn reminds us and wakes us up to our own inner well-beingness. It is all there, we have just forgotten.