"Prior to my first session I had very little knowledge of how Voice Dialogue actually works, and – because I thought it would be similar to counselling – felt more than a little apprehensive.

But within the first 10 minutes I found myself completely at ease and engrossed with the process. That was despite working with some deep rooted issues and imbalances which had plagued me for decades. I was able to pay attention to some of the different voices (i.e. aspects) of myself, acknowledge and even start to make friends with them.

I found myself completely trusting Kieran who guided me through the sessions with kindness and compassion supporting me in staying alert, safe and grounded throughout.

It is early days, but I feel that I have gained greater acceptance of the different parts of myself, of how I am right now – and that, in turn, seems to make it easier to work through the bits I want to change."

Lis, December 2018


So far I've had three Voice Dialogue sessions with Kieran and I've got my fourth booked. I have tried many different types of therapy over the years and this has been an amazing experience for me. It feels a little silly to start with, allowing the different aspects of the self to speak, but once I got over the initial self conscious feelings, it has been a revelation. As the various old emotions are surfacing and heard, they become known to me and can be integrated and accepted, warts and all, so to speak! It's incredibly helpful to accept all the different facets of myself and become friends with them. I'll definitely continue and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to let go of emotional baggage and grow as a person. It's liberating!

Ingela, Reiki Practitioner