"I have been visiting Kieran on and off for about 5 years and she is amazing! A few years ago my eczema got very severe; I couldn't even walk properly where it was so painful and inflamed at the crease of my knee. I'd used every steroid cream on the market and nothing worked. After my first visit the changes were amazing; I responded to the remedy really well, as I have done with the others. Kieran has been able to pinpoint exactly what the cause of my external symptoms have been and each time has provided me with the correct remedy to re-balance my body. I would recommend Kieran to anybody looking for a highly skilled, genuine and personable Homeopath."

"My name is Billy, I am almost 57. A lump appeared on my neck just below my ear....went to the doctors, hospital, biopsy, ultrasound, MRI. I was told I had a tumour of my parotid gland and that surgery was necessary until......I met Kieran, had treatment and within 6 months my lump was no longer. Give thanks and blessings. Is it Hahnemann or Hanuman?"

"The miracle of Homeopathy can only happen in the hands of an astute Homeopath, who hears what you don't hear and sees what you don't see. Kieran caught the core of my being in one session and gave me a remedy that is slowly unravelling my negative states and guiding me to deeper health and freedom."

"The depth of Kieran's listening matches the reach of her work - there seem to be no limits. Kieran has helped me recover from long-standing feelings of disquiet, manifesting on many levels, and has successfully treated a benign breast lump."