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Sessions last for one to one and a half hours. The first self the facilitator will talk to is the part of the client who is responsible for keeping the client safe, a protecting self. This self will dictate the rules for the session, what can or cannot be spoken about, so the client will feel safe and comfortable to explore other selves in the session.

Typically three or four selves will emerge in a session. The client will be asked to move their chair or move to another part of the room when a self emerges. After each self has spoken the client is asked to move back to the centre, to what is called in Voice Dialogue the "Aware Ego" position. This is a place of neutrality which can embrace all the different selves.

At the end of the session the facilitator will ask the client to stand by her side and the facilitator will summarise what has taken place in the session in her own words, so that the client comes away with a sense of overall clarity about what has transpired in the session.

It is generally recommended that a client come for at least three sessions to begin with.

Fees: Sessions - £45.00. 

Sessions can also be conducted via skype if you do not live locally.