How Voice Dialogue can reduce aging

As we grow older there is a tendency to become more and more rigid in our way of being in the world; the personality has gained a certain form and there is a danger in it now becoming crystallised, impermeable to different ways of being in the world, new perceptions and realisations. This is one of the reasons why we age I think. The energy and the body will tend to take on that form, and we become stiffer, sclerosed, more cautious...

I met up with Voice Dialogue in my 63rd year and first of all what enchanted and intrigued me was that it didn't purport to fix anything in anyone! I had spent a large proportion of my life trying to fix myself, better myself, transform the bits I didn't like in myself. Boy, is it tiring! Here was a therapeutic technique that was purely about allowing expression while simultaneously observing that expression. It was about allowing everything to emerge without judgement in a totally safe environment, with absolute respect for the individual.

Slowly, slowly new or buried parts of myself started to come to the fore. I had been running a homeopathic practice for many years and I had a strong tendency to become over serious, over responsible, overburdened, too identified with the professional, the perfectionist, the achiever in me. In my second Voice Dialogue workshop with John Kent, I was surprised when a very playful child suddenly emerged. And this one didn't want anything to do with silly old work, she wanted the pure pleasure of irresponsible play. This part was young, about 3 and she didn't want to do school work, she wanted to be silly and go from toy to toy, or roll about the floor and make silly faces. She wanted to PLAY. She was rather marvellous and I had denied her for a long time, pushing her into the shadows (or saddos!).

Silly Billy Willy's emergence was a delight to me and nowadays whenever I get too serious with my work or over burdened in some way she often knocks on my door and invites me out to play. Sometimes I will still refuse to hear her but I cannot deny her existence anymore and sometimes I will heed her call and out we go to play.