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How Voice Dialogue can help?

People come to Voice Dialogue to seek help for a number of reasons. They may have feelings of anxiety or depression, experience inner conflicts, maybe feel stuck in their careers or relationships. They may just feel something is not right which they cannot put their finger on but they feel limited in their lives, with a sense that they are just not achieving their full potential. Or someone may want to use this therapeutic technique as part of their spiritual journey to understand themselves more profoundly and how they operate in the world.

One of the most beautiful things about Voice Dialogue and which attracted me from the outset was the fact that it does not purport to fix anything in anyone! This felt like a breath of fresh air. There is no attempt on the part of the facilitator to get rid of any "selves" expressed by the client, no matter how troublesome they may at first appear. However, in my experience, through allowing the various voices their full expression, a greater feeling of wholeness is experienced, new ways of being open up, a sense of greater balance and freedom is often gained through this practice.

Some benefits of Voice Dialogue

  • Gain greater clarity about oneself
  • Make more informed choices
  • Express feelings more clearly
  • Take more responsibility for oneself
  • Respond more sensitively to one's needs
  • Enjoy greater intimacy in one's relationships