How can Homeopathy help?

"True Healing requires a growth in consciousness, 
 An opening in Awareness and a return to oneself. 
 Everything else is symptom relief."

The Tao of Homeopathy, Ian Watson


Usually people come to a homeopath to get help with a physical symptom or symptoms. However, they may also come because of emotional reasons e.g. anxiety, depression, stress or a combination of reasons.To homeopaths symptoms are a sign that the person is out of balance. They are the way that the inner vital force signals there is something to be addressed.

Homeopaths try to understand the pattern revealed by these symptoms and to prescribe a remedy in nature which mirrors this pattern.

Often symptoms arise because of an inner state of discomfort (dis-ease) in a person. We all have challenges in life and sometimes we may get stuck, not able to flow sufficiently with life's vagaries. We may have a grief that we have been unable to process or we may have stress in our jobs or families. Perhaps we have had a very difficult childhood which has left us with scars. So, understanding the emotional and psychological state of our patients and the challenges they have to face is of utmost importance in choosing the correct remedy or series of remedies.

In short, we treat the person with the symptoms rather than just the symptoms.